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Dual-pulsed Picosecond Q Switch Nd Yag laser with Lens Array

Item No.: C9
Perfect Top-Hat beam / Superior Beam Quality / Stable Results /Precise Energy Delivery with 3000mJ PTP mode.1064nm&532nm / Dermis Lesions Melasma, Tattoos, Nevus of Ota, Abnom. Lens Array / Rejuvenation Wrinkles, Large Pores, Shagging Skin
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Model : C9
LaserType :
Dual-pulsed Q-switched Nd: YAG Laser
Beam Profile : Top Hat Mode

Security : Class Ⅳ
Wavelength : 1064 / 532nm
Spot Size : 2 ~ 10mm
SP Mode : Max 1.5J / 750MJ
PTP Mode : Max 3J / 1.5J
NR Moder : 4.5J ( 1064nm )
PIXEL Q Mode : 7 x 7 or 9 x 9
Frequency : 1 ~ 10Hz
Pulse Width : ≤ 5NS

Aiming Beam : Diode 655 nm (Red), Adjustable Brightness

Screen : 10.4 Inch LED Touch Screen
Controller : Computor Intelligent Controller System
Languages : English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, French
Cooling System :
Closed Circuit Water to Air

Power Supply : 2000W
Electricity : 110V / 220V / 10A / 50/60Hz
Gross Weight:88Kg
Dimension: 1100mm (L) * 410mm (W) * 1200mm (H)
Certification : FDA, CE, PSE, ISO9001, ISO13485:2003, CE, FCC, RoHS
Warranty : 1 Years


Expand the power of C9
Lens Array for C9 expands picosecond technology beyond tattoo removal for skin treatments unlike any other.

Enhanced Treatment Options with Lens Array
Pigmented lesions
Acne scars
Impressive Results, Minimal Downtime

The unique mechanism of action of Lens Array has shown results similar to non-ablative and even ablative lasers but without the prep time, patient discomfort or downtime. Patients appreciate the fast treatments, and typically experience only one hour of redness allowing them to quickly return to regular activities.

Lens Array magnifies the C9 pulse 20X, creating laser induced optical breakdown (LIOB) in the epidermis. Studies have shown resulting new collagen and elastin production without the side effects and downtime of fractional and ablative lasers1.

High Energy & Fast treatment
In a short time with high power, it clearly removes pigment (Tattoo, Epidermal and Dermal Pigment Lesion).
Picosecond, fewer shots, faster treatment, and better efficacy
High speed of picosecond split the large lumps of tissue cell into smaller pieces
Comfort & Safety
It’s effective and safe in treating various pigments as well as refractory pigments because Picocare minimizes damage to skin to remove pigment by precisely aiming the target spot.

SEA HEART’s Dual-pulsed Q-switched Nd: YAG laser has been engineered to meet the growing demands of a busy clinic, and includes a variety of efficacious treatment options, customizable parameters, built-in safety, minimized downtimes, all at an affordable price.

With two distinct Q-switched mode wavelengths 1064 nm, 532 nm the robust Spectra has the versatility to provide your practice with a wide range of clinical options for treating your patients. C9 continually expands its treatment applications and the Spectra is FDA cleared for the treatment of melasma. The technically advanced Spectra system offers an edge over other lasers and provides enhanced clinical outcomes.

THE POWER YOU NEED, THE THERMAL DAMAGE YOU DON’T Engineered for performance, the Spectra’s beam profile and power options ensure that the energy is delivered efficiently to maximize effect while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. UNIFORM TOP HAT BEAM PROFILE

EASE OF USE AND PEACE OF MIND The Spectra was built with the physician in mind and includes a user-friendly GUI, user programmable buttons for personal parameters, auto-detected handpieces and adjustable aiming beam. The system even helps ensure that it stays up and running with its built-in auto-calibration and self-restoration functions. BEHIND THE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY The robust Spectra has a long list of features that ensure it is a cut above the rest.

• Multiple treatment options
• High peak power ( PTP mode )
• Uniform beam profile
• 2 wavelengths
• Auto-calibration and self-restoration
• Programmable memory buttons
• Ergonomic
• Aiming beam
• Multiple handpieces

Picosecond vs. Nanosecond Technology
Traditional nanosecond lasers predominately rely on photothermal action, delivering heat to the pigment and surrounding tissue. PicoSure takes advantage of PressureWave Technology to shatter the target ink into tiny particles that are easily eliminated by the body.


Ultra-short Pulse Duration Is the Difference

  • Picosecond pulse width is 100X shorter than nanosecond technology.

  • Only ultrashort pulse durations trigger photomechanical effect.

  • With this short pulse width, half the fluence is required compared to Q-Switched nanosecond lasers.

Laser Response Comparison


About Us

SEA HEART ® Group Limited is a professional manufacturer of beauty product. We have been manufacturing

product for some Top Medical Groups from Spain, Korea and Germany with the term of OEM since the year of 2003.

Our company has got independent import and export rights. Thus, we can distribute several kinds of product to

clients globally. Some of our products have got European CE, RoHS, PSE, FDA, ISO9001:2001, ISO13485:2003

and other certifications.


We have been inspected onsite by TüV SüD, a third-party verification agency. They offer Assessment Reports

and Verified Videos. This gives buyers trust and authoritative information about suppliers.



1. Are you a factory or just a trading company?
We are thte real professional beauty machines manufacturer,which has a toal staff of 80 and possesses our own
factory with an area of 2000 square meters. You create market, we do production for you !

2. How does your factory do regarding quality control ?
We have a strictly quality inspection department. Our engineers will carefully check and test the machines many

times before we deliver them to you. To make sure you can get the high quality machines, only the machines that

have passed the strict quality inspection can be delivered to you.

3. Do you offer OEM and ODM services?
Yes, we can offer you better OEM and ODM services. We have our own R&D department with 20 experienced

designers and engineers and many production lines , so we have the great capacity to offer you high quality beauty

machines according to your needs, ideas and samples.

4. Where is your factory located ?
Our factory is located in No.8, zizhuceng, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. If your time is available, you are warmly

welcome to come to China to visit our factory !!

5. Do you have any warranty?
Yes, we have. One year warranty on host machine is given. Six months free replacement warranty for handles,

treatment heads, and parts.

6. How is your after-sale service?
We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. You can get the help you need in time

by telephone, webcam, online chat (Google talk, Facebook, Skype,Whatapp). Please contact us once the machine

has any problem. Best service will be offered.

7. What certification do you have?
All of our machines have the RoHS, ISO13485, FDA, CE certification which ensures the quality and safety. Our

products are under strict quality management to ensure good quality. Because we fully understand that it will

be a great trouble if machine have any problem during working at oversea.

8. Will you teach how to use the machine?
Yes, we can provide a complete user manual and usage video for instruction and application. And 24/7 online

consultant service ensure you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve easily. It is easy to

operate by anyone with the instructions.

9. How about the shipment?
The machine will be shipped within 2-3 days after the receipt of your payment.