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DR-200 MR 200 Pin Derma Roller Medical Stainless

Item No.: GEN-200
Free OEM customized paper boxes
Color optional: Transparent, bright black, bright white (can be customized frosted, plated, etc.)
Description Sepcifications Features&Advantages Learn More
1.34G needle tip only 0.12mm, small pain recovery, strict quality control, no bending needle no contaminants, 20% less than the diameter of ordinary needles on the market (34G, 0.20mm Vs 31G, 0.25mm)
2. New 24K plating, no adverse reactions, medical stainless steel material safety;
3. new design crystal storage box, small size, and exquisite shape, compared to the market in a single product packaging Volume reduced by 22%, greatly improving the overall price competitiveness of the product;
4. EN868 standard package, 3 years warranty, no air leakage, and no secondary pollution.
5. One million class dust-free workshop + EO sterilization of all products + 1000 times electronic magnification needle tip quality inspection + ISO13485 system certification + CE & FDA product certification.
Storage type transparent PC crystal box
Handle material PC
Handle color transparent, bright black, bright white (can be customized frosted, plating, etc.)
Number of needles 200ea (20 x10 line)
Needle material stainless steel / stainless steel plated with 18k gold
Needle color gold / stainless steel natural color
Needle diameter 34G, 0.12~0.20mm
Needle length specification 0.25 / 0.50 / 1.00 / 1.50 mm (other specifications accept ODM) 
Single package size 151*40*38 mm
Single package weight 84g
MOQ 1 set
OEM 500 sets (free OEM custom carton, free black logo screen printing) Certification: FDA, CE
Package material medical dialysis paper
Sterilization EO sterilization (can provide certification report, sterilization discoloration label)
Shelf life 3 years
Carton  200 boxes/box
Carton size 435*315*420 mm
Carton weight 16.5kg
Packaging default neutral English color box packaging (ODM accepted)

SEA HEART Professional Derma Roller with 200 Real Individual Titanium Microneedles For Face and Hair Beard Growth with Free Storage Case

VISIBLE TRANSFORMATION – The pro derma roller tool can promote a luminous, youthful vibrant, and healthy-looking complexion, giving your skin a smoother look and feel. Help promote a much healthier, thicker beard and hair.
WHY WE DESIGN THE 200 PINS: Compared with the regular ones, the 200-pins roller can get faster and better effect.
GREAT QUALITY - Made of real cone-shaped individual titanium pins with 24K gold plated, instead of metal disk, you can clearly feel the difference between them
MULTIPURPOSE - You can apply it to all target areas. Come with a manual that can help you with micro-needling at home easily. For beginners, the 0.25 mm micro needling roller is the best choice to learn your derma rolling.
7/2021 Update - We have changed the raw material of the handle and roller head, to resolve the possible melting issues mentioned in buyer comments. All rollers can be disinfected with 70%-99% alcohol. Please soak or spray to disinfect the roller before and after each use.
dermaroller 0.25micro needle 0.25mm
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Revitalize your hairline and combat hair loss with SEA HEART's cutting-edge derma roller. Our 0.5mm derma roller, designed for precision, is your key to unlocking hair regrowth potential.

Explore the benefits of microneedling with our micro needle derma roller, a game-changer in your beauty routine. Read glowing derma roller reviews and discover why users worldwide trust SEA HEART for effective and safe solutions.

Tailored for the body and adept at reducing wrinkles, our derma roller size for hair regrowth is optimized for results. Join the microneedling revolution with SEA HEART and experience the transformative effects on your hair and skin.

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