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4D Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

Item No.: 4D
New Arrival 4D 10600nm Laser CO2 Fractional CO2 Laser Machine
Hot Sale Co2 Fractional Laser Machine 10600nm with CE Certificate for laser equipment co2 fractional of Beauty Equipment
Color: White
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How much is a fractional co2 laser? Why choose 4D of SEA HEART?

4D CO2 is a more advanced fractional Co2 laser system based on quality ultra-pulse technology. There are 4 different functional modes such as fractional, vaginal, and co2surgical with each handpiece. This is the best solution for both skin and vaginal rejuvenation.
Quality Assurance - co2 Laser Tube for Medical UseSuperior beam quality, power stability, and rugged reliability.
Industry-leading compact size with integrated co2 laser power supply.
Air and liquid-cooled configurations are available for high-quality laser power output.

7 Joints Articulated Light Guiding Arm
100% Korean import Reliable Quality
4-Way Mode
Premium Quality
USA Co2 Laser Emitter,5-10 Years Long Life Human-Friendly Design
Unlikely existing other devices,4D COz mounts a globally recognized high-quality Galvanomotor for fast, precise, and safe treatment. With this motor, 4D CO2 solves the frequent motor trouble that is the most troublesome problem of other scanner devices.
Glass Tube or Metal RF Type Fractional CO2 LaserMode: Fractional / 3D Surgical / 4D Vaginal / vulva
Fractional/ 3D Surgical/ 4D Vaginall Vulva
Max. Power
 30W / 40W / 50W
Pixel Energy
Scan Area
0.1~2.0mm/ Overlap:1-20
Laser Shape
Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle Beam
Standard, Alternate, Random Scatter
570(W) x 940(L)x 1210(H) mm
 40kg (Max. Weight: 50kg)

All that's missing is your action!
1. Remove blood vessels, rejuvenate the skin, and completely get rid of dryness and dullness!
2. Remove tattoos, restore your pure and natural skin, and let every inch of your body exude charming charm!
3. Remove wrinkles, make your skin smooth and tender, look younger and more beautiful!
4. Remove pores, make your skin firm and elastic, and get rid of rough and uneven troubles!
5. Lift skin, make your skin firm and elastic, and get rid of the marks left by the years!
6. Remove pigment, make your skin bright and transparent, and no longer be troubled by spots!
7. Firming, whitening, and rejuvenating skin making your skin fair, smooth, and radiant!
8. Remove dark circles, make your eyes bright and energetic, and get rid of tired and decadent images!
9. Acne treatment, make your skin clear and flawless, and get rid of greasy and stuffy troubles!
10. Beauty equipment, let you have the most advanced beauty equipment to make your skin more beautiful and radiant!
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Introducing Cutting-Edge Aesthetic Solutions by SEA HEART GROUP

Revitalize your skin and redefine your beauty with our advanced CO2 Laser Resurfacing Machine. Unveil a smoother, more youthful complexion as the precision of fractional laser technology targets imperfections and stimulates collagen production. Rejuvenate with confidence.

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Elevate your beauty experience with SEA HEART GROUP's state-of-the-art solutions. Unveil your radiance, redefine your beauty, and embrace confidence like never before. Discover a new standard in aesthetic excellence.

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