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DP-104 Dermapen Miconeedling Device

Item No.: DP-104
2 Color Optional
Improves Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Tighten, lift, and Rejuvenate your skin
Description Features&Advantages
1. Are you also facing the loss of collagen and the growth of wrinkles with age?
1. This product can directly stimulate the 2.5mm depth in the skin to effectively stimulate the export of collagen, and tighten and lift the skin to restore youthful vitality.
2. It adopts stainless steel shell, which has the effect of anti-oxidation, and is durable, antibacterial, and pollution-free.
3. Equipped with replaceable needles, it is convenient for customers to use, easy to operate, and safe to use at home.


Tightens lifts and rejuvenates the skin
Reduces acne and surgical scarring
Improves wrinkles & fine lines
Minimises pore size
Improves stretch marks

Wireless,  2 lithium batteries, changeable, works 3 hours continuously.

Metal body, Aluminum alloy packaging, More texture!

Apply to a beauty center or SPA

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