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H3 EPN LED Microneedle Hydra pen

Item No.: H3
Automatic application of serum with adjustable liquid output Hydra Pen uses essence liquid to penetrate the skin automatically when working.
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Hydra Pen H3 is an innovative technology in the field of aesthetics, it's also a new generation of MTS brand founded by Ekai in 2018, HydraPen takes not only the advantages of derma roller and derma pen but more importantly, works with its patent cartridge to apply the serum or essence automatically.
Adjustable liquid output in order to adapt to the essence with different consistency, there are three levels of customized liquid output, and the liquid output can be controlled with the speed gear.
The higher the speed gear, the more liquid output frequency, and vice versa.
Automatic application of serum when the cartridge acts on the skin up and down, the microneedle pierces the epidermis and opens thousands of fine channels.
At this time, the essence liquid will automatically penetrate from the applicator and reach the deep skin evenly, with an absorption rate up to 90% higher than that of manual application. With the function of the microneedle, skin tissue repair can be quickly started, stimulate cell regeneration, restore the vitality and elasticity of the skin, and double the healing effect.

How to operate H3 Derma Pen?

6 Speeds
Liquid Container
3 levels of adjustable liquid
Automatic Application
Two refillable liquid containers.
Skin serums come out automatically from the container.
Multiple needle sizes for professional and non-professional users
6 speeds skin pen H3
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