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Hydramaster Facial Machine for SPA Salon

Item No.: HydraMaster Pro #001
Uncover the secrets of flawless skin with SEA HEART's HydraMaster Pro E, an 8-in-1 Hydra Dermabrasion machine. From 360° Hydro Dermabrasion to Microcurrent therapy and Carbon Oxygen technology, this multifunctional device offers comprehensive skincare.
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8 in 1 advanced hydra dermabrasion machine

Discover the Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation: SEA HEART HydraMaster Pro E 8-in-1 Machine

The best dermabrasion machine for sale

Cleaning Precautions:

Second-generation Hydra Master Pro: After each use, it requires rinsing with clean water (system cleaning function). If it is already blocked, cleaning it again is futile; you need to remove the water adjustment axis and manually clean it. Previously, the after-sales service said that the handle without water flow was due to blockage, and upon inspection, it was found that the handle was blocked by black dirt inside the water tank.


specification of hydramarer facial machine

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