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Needle free injection system | Non-needle Hyaluron Pen with 0.5ml Ampoule

Item No.: HN100
Needle free injection system-Non-needle Hyaluron Pen is revolutionizing the healthcare industry and individual patient comfort by eliminating the need to use painful needles in many situations.
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  Product Details


  Needle free injection system | High Pressure Hyaluron Pen 


  Medical CE / ISO13485 / RoHS / FDA / PSE



  Injection depth

  1 Level (2~3mm) , 2 Level ( 3~6mm), 3 Level ( 6~8mm)

  Needle-free Cartridge

  0.5ml ampoule atomizing nozzle

  Resolution (Administration precision)  

  0.05ml ~ 0.5ml



  Material of handle   Stainless steel S316
  Handle size   200mm x 26mm
  Weight   500g
  OEM   Yes, Customize package and Logo printed

  Payment & Shipping

  Minimum Order Quantity


  Single Packaging Details

  26cm*12cm*5cm / 1pc / 1kg

  Delivery Time

  Afer confirm payment wihin 1-2 days

  Payment Terms

  Paypal, Western Union, T/T

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Package Included: 
1 x Hyaluron Pen
1 x 0.5ml ampoule atomizing nozzle
1 x Needle

Principle of operation:

Spring and piston, which allow, under pressure, quickly and evenly inject drugs under the skin through a hole with a diameter of 0.17 mm, which is two times smaller than the needle thickness for injection!

With the help of the energy of mechanical action, the spring and the special piston in the apparatus allow, under pressure, quickly but gently pushing the drug stream through a microscopic hole into the subcutaneous tissue.

Drugs are absorbed much better and faster than with the introduction of a needle, which was confirmed in a series of studies and tests conducted in different countries of the world.
The ideal solution for those prone to scarring and subcutaneous clots.

Advantages of Hyaluron Pen:

• Painless injection
• Injection without needle eliminates the risk of infection from the needle
• Does not leave scars and puncture marks of the skin tissue with a needle
• Better and faster absorption of drugs
• Strictly subcutaneous injection - eliminating the risk of penetration of the drug into the muscle
• Fast, easy and safe
• Separate and economical dosing of the drug

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