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DP-106 A6S Professional Skincare System Derma Pen

Item No.: DP-106 A6S
Professional Derma Pen a6s dr A6S upgraded dr. pen 6-Speed Skin Rejuvenation Microneedle Machine Microneedling pen
Description Sepcifications

1. Is dermapen the same as microneedling?

Dermapen is a brand name for a microneedling tool.Instead of the traditional microneedling roller which is essentially a wheel covered in microneedles, a dermapen is a handheld device designed to overcome all the issues of a traditional derma roller.The dermapen offers adjustable depth so the treatment isn’t too deep in sensitive areas along with being fitted with surgical grade disposable needles for a patient’s safety.

2.What are the benefits of a dermapen? 

A dermapen is an effective way to remove acne scarring and imperfections on the skin, the biggest benefit is the improvement in overall skin tone and texture that comes about after the treatment, along with the minimised appearance of pores in the skin, reduced superficial wrinkles and reduced appearance of stretch marks.


(1)Tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates skin

(2)Reduces acne scars, surgical scars,

(3)and another scarring

(4)Improves wrinkles and fine lines

(5)Improves stretch marks

(6)Assists in tattoo removal


Product name
Derma Pen A6S ( Each Pen Contains 2PCS 16 Pins )
2pcs Batteries and Adaptor
Needle Length
11/16/24/36/42 Pins
Needle Length
0 mm-2.5mm ( Adjustable )
6 Levels Adjustment
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