Common knowledge about laser tattoo removal

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1. How many treatment heads does the laser tattoo removal machine have? What are their functions?
The laser tattoo removal machine has two wavelengths, wavelength 1064nm and wavelength 532nm. 1064 wavelength removes blue, black, and cyan pigmentation, and 532 wavelength mainly removes coffee and brown pigmentation.

2. How to control the technical parameters of the laser tattoo removal machine and the distance between the bald head and the skin?
When using the laser tattoo removal machine, the technical parameters should be controlled according to the sensitivity of the individual skin. For sensitive skin, the bald head should be closer to the skin, and the voltage should be lowered. If the skin is not sensitive, the voltage of the white bald head is controlled at about 780 V, the voltage of the green bald head is controlled at about 750 V, the frequency is 4-6Hz, and the distance between the bald head and the skin is 3-4cm.

3. How to laser tattoo removal? Each time interval?
Heal as close to the focal point of high energy as possible, especially when hitting bleed points. For common blue and black, choose a 1064nm wavelength treatment head for treatment. In case of red or brown color, choose a 532 wavelength treatment head for treatment.


4. Can "scar physique" laser remove tattoos?
A very small number of "scar physiques" can be washed, and those with wrinkles can be washed, but the effect is not as good as that of normal skin. During the washing process, try to use a large spot and small energy, and it is forbidden to wash with focused energy.


5. Will laser tattoo removal treatment harm the skin? Will it leave scars?
Since the normal tissue does not absorb the 1064nm laser, the integrity of the cell framework is maintained, and there is no condition for scar formation. In addition, patients need to pay attention to postoperative care after tattoo removal.

 laser tattoo removal machine

6. Reaction during laser tattoo removal treatment and postoperative recovery
Due to the instantaneous high-energy irradiation of laser tattoo removal, the pigment group of the diseased tissue is quickly cracked into fine particles that can be swallowed by macrophages in the human body, and a part of the superficial skin is immediately ejected from the body, while the other part in the deep tissue is evenly arranged. When it reaches the epidermis, the color will recover within a short period of time after the operation; when treating deep-grained tissues, due to the strong absorption of laser energy by melanin, local redness, swelling, blisters, and even bleeding spots may occur. These are all normal inflammatory reactions of the tissue, and the degree of local inflammation varies from person to person. After the inflammation is relieved, the tissue may feel itchy and hard when touched. Generally speaking, all discomfort will disappear on its own within 3-7 days after picking, and some people will last for a long time for 1-3 months due to their physical fitness. After laser tattoo removal, it is forbidden to draw eyebrows, wash with water, expose to the sun and other infection behaviors in the bleeding area. Do not eat spicy food or drink alcohol within 3-7 days. For sensitive customers with more bleeding and severe swelling, we recommend taking antibiotics (Acetylspiramycin) orally after laser tattoo removal, and during the recovery period (72 hours after surgery) externally apply erythromycin ointment to the affected area to help heal, and you can also wipe the repair fluid repair.

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