How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

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Laser hair removal is not a one-and-done sort of deal.
After you're finished receiving all of your sessions, laser hair removal will last for two to six years.
However, maintenance sessions one to four times a year may be needed to keep the area hairless forever.
Laser hair removal is a noninvasive, cosmetic procedure done to remove unwanted hair from the face and body.
For some people, laser hair removal on the body provides permanent or near-permanent results. Others may see a big reduction in the amount and thickness of hair that regrows over time.
While permanent results aren’t usually achieved on the face, regrowth may not occur for years.
Results vary and depend on several factors. These include the areas being treated and fluctuating hormonal levels.

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How long before hair begins to grow back?
In order to determine how long it’ll take before your hair grows back, it may help to understand the growth pattern of hair.
Stages of hair growth
Hair goes through four stages of growth. They are:
anagen, the growing phase
the catagen, the transitional phase
telogen, the resting phase
exogen, the shedding phase
At any given time, you have hairs going through all four phases.
Laser hair removal works by vaporizing existing hairs below the skin and at the root.
For that reason, it can only target hairs during the anagen, or growing phase. That’s why it takes multiple treatments, spaced apart, to get to all of the hair that grows in a particular spot.
Regrowth in the body
You’ll continue to see hair during the course of laser treatments. Some of this will be regrowth, but much of it will be hair that hasn’t yet been treated. 
Once your course of treatment is complete, you may not see regrowth for many years.
On the body, laser hair removal may provide permanent or very long-lasting results. Over time, any hair that does grow back should be very sparse and fine.
Regrowth on the face
On the face, laser hair removal isn’t typically permanent but may be long-lasting. 
Some people report seeing no hair return after 10 years or more. Others experience regrowth sooner and rely on annual touchup treatments to keep unwanted hair at bay.
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