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Beijing, China – SEA HEART, a global leader in aesthetic medical treatments based in China, is delighted to announce its participation in the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) 2023. SEA HEART is looking forward to promoting its high-end aesthetic medical treatments and presenting its products, which include a diode laser hair removal machine, vacuum cavitation weight loss machine, hydra dermabrasion machine, picosecond laser machine, and derma pen series, to all new partners and clients in the MENA region.
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SEA HEART has been committed to providing customers with high-quality, advanced aesthetic products and services for many years. It also conducts professional clinical training sessions for its broad range of customers worldwide. At DWTC 2023 it wants to establish itself as the frontrunner in the aesthetic industry. As a comprehensive business platform combining exhibition, business collaboration, talent meetup, and brand promotion, DWTC 2023 offers SEA HEART the perfect platform to showcase its products and services in the MENA region.
In a statement provided to the media, the Managing Director of SEA HEART, Mr. Chen Yuchong said “We are thrilled to be a part of DWTC 2023 which will serve as the perfect platform for us to showcase our products to the MENA region and build relationships with potential new customers and partners. We are confident about our products, their performance quality, and reliability. DWTC 2023 provides us an opportunity to expand our business in this new market and further develop our presence in the Middle East”
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Being a top manufacturer of aesthetic medical treatments, SEA HEART offers a complete range of high-end aesthetic products and services to meet the demands of its domestic and international partners. The unparalleled results they deliver and their exceptional customer service has earned them worldwide recognition in the medical aesthetic industry.
At DWTC 2023, visitors will get to explore SEA HEART's innovative and advanced range of aesthetic medical treatments. They will get to experience their safe, reliable, and efficient products first-hand, and get detailed information regarding the features and specifications.
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Miss Kira further added “At SEA HEART, our products are produced in strict accordance with international industry standards. Our production process is highly regulated and every product is subjected to a stringent set of quality control tests before delivery. We believe that by participating in DWTC 2023, we can maintain our position as a leading manufacturer of aesthetic medical products and be the hub of aesthetic innovation for the Middle East”.
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Did you know that SEA HEART is actively participating in major international exhibitions? To learn more about SEA HEART, its products, and services, please visit
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