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3 in 1 hair laser removal machine Multifunctional Therapy Instrument

Item No.: 00236
hair laser removal machine Treatment scope: Spot removal, skin rejuvenation, red blood cells, hair removal, acne
Treatment range
Laser treatment range: gemstone Q laser tattoo washing machine can effectively treat exogenous pigmentation and endogenous pigmentation lesions formed by mixed pigments. Namely: miss dark tattoo eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, tattoo removal, removal of landmarks, black moles, freckles, age spots, nevus of Ota, bright red moles, rosacea, hemangioma, spider capillary dilation, etc. It is suitable for hospitals, clinics, qualified high-grade beauty salons, etc. 
 360 magnetic light treatment scope:
Spot removal: remove or lighten all kinds of facial pigmentation, such as freckles, sun spots, age spots, coffee spots, and all kinds of pigmentation. 
Skin rejuvenation: whitening and yellowing, shrinking pores, improving skin roughness, enhancing skin elasticity, smoothing fine wrinkles, eliminating and lightening acne scars. 
Red blood: remove facial red blood, red spots, rosacea.
Hair Removal: Effectively removes unwanted hair from various parts of the body, such as armpit hair, beard, lip hair, hair bun, bikini line, and body hair on the limbs. 
Acne: Acne of acne type, allergic acne, crusted acne. 
hair laser removal machine
RF treatment scope:
(1) Facial beauty anti-aging: facial lifting, skin tightening, skin improvement, pore contraction, etc;
(2) eye care anti-aging: improve dark circles, and eye bags, lighten eye wrinkles, lift the corners of the eyes, etc;
(3) neck lifting anti-wrinkle: lifting the neck skin, lightening neck wrinkles;
(4) whole body tightening and anti-wrinkle: contraction of hands, arms, legs, shoulders and back, waist and abdomen, buttocks and other loose skin;
(5) dissolving body sculpting: arm, leg, waist, and hip sculpture;
(6) Pregnancy removal repair: different degrees of improvement of personal lines on the legs and waist.
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