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980nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Portable VD-940

Item No.: VD940
Factory Wholesale  980nm Diode Laser Machine Blood Vessel Machines 980NM Diode Laser Vascular Removal 980 nm diode laser vascular removal machine
Color: Grey
Factory wholesale  980nm diode laser machine blood vessel machines 

1) Vascular removal: face, arms, legs, and the whole body

2) Pigment lesions treatment: speckles, age spots, sunburn, pigmentation

3) Benign proliferation: skin excrescence: Milia,  nevus, intradermal nevus, flat wart, fat granule

4) Blood Clots

5) Leg Ulcers

6) Lymph edema

7) Blood Spider clearance

8) Vascular clearance, Vascular lesions

9) Acne treatment

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