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Advanced RF Fractional Machine for Precision Aesthetic Treatments

Item No.: RF Fractional Machine Series MF-2
Elevate your aesthetic services with the RF fractional machine MF-2. Experience precise control and remarkable outcomes with targeted treatments using replaceable RF needle heads. Customize treatments with fine adjustable RF energy.
Description Features&Advantages

Introducing the RF fractional machine MF-2, a cutting-edge device designed to revolutionize your aesthetic treatments. With its 15-inch screen and user-friendly interface, this machine offers precise control and agile adjustability for optimal results.

Experience the power of both superficial fractional RF and micro-needle fractional RF with the versatile hand stick hand bar. This combination allows for targeted treatments and customizable depth control, ensuring remarkable outcomes for your clients.

The RF fractional machine MF-2 is equipped with a range of replaceable RF needle heads, including 25-pin, 49-pin, and 81-pin options. This flexibility allows you to address various skin concerns effectively, providing tailored treatments for each client.

Enhance your treatment options with the replaceable RF point array work head. This innovative feature enables you to target specific areas and deliver consistent RF energy for precise and efficient treatments.

Achieve optimal results with the fine adjustable RF energy, allowing you to customize treatments based on individual needs and desired outcomes. This level of control ensures safe and effective procedures, maximizing client satisfaction.

The RF fractional machine MF-2 combines multiple technologies, including MRF, SRF, PDT, and CRYO, providing comprehensive treatment solutions. This versatility allows you to address a wide range of skin concerns, from rejuvenation to tightening and more.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the mature and stable eight-inch true-color liquid crystal display. This user-friendly system provides clear output and input information, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced efficiency.

Take advantage of the seller's market plan management system, designed to streamline your business operations. This system offers efficient inventory management, sales tracking, and customer relationship management, empowering you to optimize your business performance.

Elevate your aesthetic services with the RF fractional machine MF-2. Unlock the potential of advanced technology, precision control, and comprehensive treatments. Contact us now to discover how this exceptional device can transform your business.


15-inch screen!

1. Easy to control the needle into the depth, agile adjustable
2. Superficial fractional RF and micro-needle fractional RF hand stick hand bar
3. The allocation of 25 pins,49 pins, and 81 pins replaceable type RF needle head
4. The allocation of replaceable type RF point array work head
5. RF energy fine adjustable
7. The mature stable eight inches of true color liquid crystal display output and input system
8. Configuration seller's market plan management system

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