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Advanced Vertical Hair Removal Device | Professional 808nm Wavelength Technology

Item No.: Vertical Hair Removal Machine VD Series
Discover our state-of-the-art vertical hair removal device with advanced 808nm wavelength technology. Achieve precise and efficient hair removal with optimal performance and superior results.
Description Features&Advantages

Introducing our state-of-the-art vertical hair removal device, equipped with advanced features and cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results. Discover the power of professional hair removal with our 808nm single wavelength platform, offering unmatched precision and efficiency. With up to 20,000,000 shots guaranteed or a 2-year quality warranty, you can trust in the durability and reliability of our device.
vertical hair removal

Experience ultimate comfort during treatments with the unique built-in USA semi-conductor cooling system, ensuring a comfortable and painless experience for your clients. The 1200W laser bar, consisting of 10 bars with each bar providing 120W, delivers optimal performance for effective hair removal. Our machine utilizes an Italy-imported pump and TUV-approved laser power source, guaranteeing top-notch quality and performance.

The Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC) system, imported from Japan, operates continuously for 24 hours, ensuring the longevity of the laser. With a spot size of 10*10, our device allows for efficient treatment of various areas. Achieve superior hair removal results comparable to the non-growth period of hair follicles, surpassing the effectiveness of 600W devices.

Choose between the fast hair removal and hair removal modes, catering to different treatment needs. Our machine features an ion detector to protect its functionality, automatically alerting when the safety value is exceeded. Simply replace the water to resume operation. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of OEM options, allowing you to customize the device's case to your preference.

Benefit from the 600W Compressor refrigeration system, ensuring fast cooling and minimal impact from environmental factors. The device is equipped with an ion concentration detector, guaranteeing optimal performance. In the event of excessive ion concentration, the device automatically shuts down, requiring the replacement of water before resuming operation. Regular maintenance includes changing the water every 1-3 months and the filter every 3-6 months, ensuring consistent performance.

Embrace the German limo-inspired laser light path design, ensuring precise and efficient hair removal treatments. With our vertical hair removal device, you can provide your clients with exceptional results, comfort, and safety. Experience the future of hair removal technology and elevate your aesthetic services. Contact us now to learn more about our innovative hair removal device and discover how it can enhance your business.


1200W high-end 808 Diode laser Advantages:

1. Up to 20,000,000 shots guaranty or 2 years quality warranty

2. professional 808nm single wavelength hair removal platform.
3. Unique built-in USA semi-conductor cooling.
4. 1200W laser bar, 10 bars, each 120W
5. Italy imported a pump & TUV-approved laser power source.

6. Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC) system imported from Japan, 

working 24 hours continuously, ensure a laser-long lifetime!

7. Size: 10*10 spot size

8. Only one time for one area, the hair removal effect is better than 600W

9. This machine is as good as the hair removal effect of the hair follicle during the non-growth period.

10. Fast hair removal and hair removal are two working modes

11. Ion detector to protect the machine, automatic alarm when the safety value is exceeded, only change new water can work again

12. We can OEM different cases as you like!!!

13. 600W Compressor refrigeration, Compressor refrigeration, fast cooling, small impact by environmental factors

14. Equipped with an ion concentration detector, when the ion concentration is too high, it is directly crashed and must be replaced with new water to work again. 

15. 1-3 months change water, 3-6 months change filter

The laser's light path is designed like the German limo

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