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BL-102 3 in 1 SPA Beauty Device Instrument

Item No.: BL-102
This machine uses the latest top technology and combines EMS, RF, and SONIC three functions in one machine.
Description Sepcifications

EMS, the micro current smart technology, via the 600 times/min electronic pulse current which acts on the coordination directly, can reach the deep fat tissue, stimulate the muscle generates contraction motion. To put it simply, EMS, Microcurrent smart technology, can make the body generate passive motion, thus consuming the extra fatness to achieve the goal of body contouring and tightening
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RF, Radiofrequency, Uses radio frequency waves to act on the fat tissue, accelerates blood circulation, and resolves the fatty acid, fat tissue apoptosis. The metabolite of fat cells breaks down after inter-organizational transport to pour through the liver metabolism excreted. the RF Changing current constantly stimulates molecules in human cells carried electronically, Cycle repeated, rotating, and twisting movement collision, thus distributing energy, to burn the fat tissues, and reduce the fat tissue. The RF adopts the 40.68MHZ frequency,can make the water molecule of the cells have a strong resonance rotation, and accelerate body fat mobilization. breaks down the extra fatness.RF is one of the most popular slimming technology abroad.


Sonic, sonic slimming means the sonic machine distributes a certain frequency and a certain amount of sonic wave under the skin, to make the fluid inside and outside cells produce many voids. when these voids occur explosion, will result in the cells breaking down.


NOTE: This machine should be used with gel or slimming cream.


Adapter parameter

DC 9.0V 1.0A

Power consumption

About 5W(When charging)


About 83*105*95(mm)(main unit)

Net weight



ABS  304stainless steel




Main unit  1pcs

Charging bench 1pcs

Power adapter 1pcs

Place of manufacturing


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