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Derma Roller Microneedle Roller For Beard Hair Skin Face 540 Titanium.25mm

Item No.: DR-400 RT
Safe and Painless - derma roller kit can not only be used as a face roller, but also as a scalp or beard roller to help stimulate hair and beard growth.
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Description Specifications
The SEA HEART Derma Roller is your new best friend for reviving your scalp and hair follicles. It contains 540 high-strength medical-grade titanium needles to activate damaged or dormant hair follicles, maximize absorption of scalp treatments, and encourage new & fuller hair growth.
540 high-strength titanium microneedles
Medical grade
0.5mm needles
Activates damaged or dormant hair follicles
Maximizes absorption of scalp treatments
Encourages new & fuller hair growth

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