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EZ1000 HD200 Mesotherapy Hydro Injector Gun

Item No.: EZ1000 HD200
The World's First Detachable Hydro Injector! HD200 is The best device for the dermis with Hydro injection and all of the injection methods.
Description Features&Advantages
Simple and ergonomic design for
Comfortable grip & one-hand operation with light-weight
Vacuum suction function with docking gun
Delicate vacuum suction needle without leakageEasy to use and loaded with full color OLED displyStrong power for any type of syringe
Equipped with rechargeable battery
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1. Cheaper price
2. beautiful shape ,

3. high quality
4. vacuum function ,

5. memory setting, 

6. latest full-color OLED display

7. 32G 9 pins needle can adjust depth:  0 - 3.0mm

8. 31G 5pins needle has three choices:  1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5m

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