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Beauty Salon Use RF Microneedling Machine Anti-Wrinkle RF Equipment

Item No.: RF-P50
Top Supplier Aqua Microneedle / RF Microneedling Machine
Description Sepcifications
Beauty salons use RF Microneedling machine anti-wrinkle
Equipped with Gold RF Microneedle,
Acne removal needle and RF cold hammer to satisfy different treatments.

What is the gold radio frequency microcrystal?
The gold radio frequency microcrystal is an ingenious combination of microcrystal and radio
frequency. The two words "gold" originates from the microcrystalline gold coating and the
the coating is also golden yellow. At the time of treatment, the doctor according to the crystal
position on Problems and treatment, adjust the depth of penetration and microcrystalline
radiofrequency energy, then in the electronic control system, at the same time, dozens of
insulating ceramics penetrate the skin quickly, from the micro crystal tip radiofrequency energy,
then quickly exit, so the cycle until the treatment is finished, finally apply cosmetic ingredients.
RF frequency 2MHz, bipolar
RF power 10-200W
Needle cartridges 10pin,25pin,64pin
Needle Thickness 0.3mm
Needle Depth 0.2-3.5mm(0.1 step)
Treatment Duration 0.1-0.6s
Vacuum Suction Max 74Kpa±15%/ 2 levels
Control Display 8.4-inch color touchscreen
Packing size 48*35*40cm3
Weight 15KG

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