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High quality Plasma pen with wholesale price

Item No.: XM-1
MAKE YOUR SKIN DELICATE AND SOFT Professional use at home and in the beauty salon.
The Plasma Pen offers one of the most advanced and innovative solutions for achieving youthful and radiant skin. Our state-of-the-art technology utilizes the power of plasma to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections. With our skilled and experienced team, we ensure that each treatment is tailored to your unique needs and desired outcome. Our Plasma Pen treatments are safe, effective, and virtually painless, and customers have raved about their transformative results. So why wait? Book your appointment with us today to experience the wonders of the Plasma Pen for yourself!

SCOPE OF APPLICATIONMoles, Warts, Skin Tags, Frecklesdark spots, Pigmentation,
Wrinkle removal
Our device is designed for home use. You will remove dark spots/moles/warts/tattoos anytime at your home. You no longer need to pay a high price for time and money.
110-240V 60HZ

Fine Needle
Made of lead-free brass for safe use. It can use formulas, Warts, Skin Tags, Freckles Dark spots, Pigmentation Removal
Firming skinhead
1. It has an anti-wrinkle and firming effect on the skin
2. Applying ampoule and using firming skin head to effectively reduce wrinkles
3. When operation, the skin texture can be pushed in the opposite direction
import Essence head
4.Stimulate the dermis layer of the skin, help the skin absorb the essence into the dermis layer, and promote the skin regeneration
5.The head has high penetration, comparable to the MTS effect

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