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Item No.: Derma Pen Series
Multi Models and Color Optional
Detachable and easy to carry freely
Stimulate the skin to a depth of 2.5mm
Comes with a variety of needle replacements
Shrink pores and improve stretch marks
Reduce acne and surgical scars, improves wrinkles and fine l
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Support ODM/OEM
Free consumables for orders over 50
Certificate: CE1023, 93/42/EEC, ISO13485
derma pen price
This leather pen is automatically rechargeable and comes with a charging device
Needle length 0.25mm ~ 3.0mm adjustable
With 6-level speed adjustable control from 1800rpm to 7000rpm
12/9 needles use 30-gauge needles to reduce discomfort
The digital motor in the handpiece
Product absorbency is optimal
Compact Ergonomic Design
Highest quality for medical professionals (aluminum housing), durable and antimicrobial
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Introducing SEA HEART's revolutionary Derma Pen, a cutting-edge solution for transformative skincare. Our Derma Pen, including the Microneedling Derma Pen and the exclusive Korabeauticals V2 Derma Pen, is your gateway to a radiant complexion. Explore the versatility of derma pens for facial treatments and experience the innovation with the Dr Pen Derma Stamp. Elevate your microneedling experience with our microneedle derma pen, designed for precision and efficacy.

Discover the best derma pen for face and hair, including the sought-after Korabeauticals Derma Pen. Unleash the potential of microneedling for hair with our specialized Derma Pen for Hair, crafted to perfection. Delve into the derma pen vs derma roller debate, and witness the superior results of our derma pen on Amazon.

Achieve flawless skin with our Derma Pen for Acne, designed to address skin concerns effectively. Our Microneedling Pen, equipped with 20 replacement cartridges, ensures long-lasting performance and convenience. Experience the Beauty Ora Electric Microneedle Roller Derma Pen System, recognized for its unparalleled quality.

For those seeking the best derma pen for hair, SEA HEART provides the ultimate solution. Whether you're inquiring about derma pen cijena or exploring the benefits of the Dr Pen Derma Roller, SEA HEART has you covered. Step into the future of skincare with our Derma Pen 4, offering advanced features for optimal results.

Elevate your skincare routine with the Ora Electric Microneedle Roller Derma Pen System, a symbol of innovation and excellence. Trust SEA HEART for the latest in derma pen technology, delivering transformative beauty with every stroke.

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