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LED Therapy Devices

Item No.: #Hot Beauty Equipment Series 006
Harness the power of light with our LED therapy devices. Achieve radiant and healthy-looking skin with ease.
Discover the benefits of LED therapy for your skin with our advanced LED therapy devices. Our beauty devices utilize specific wavelengths of light to address various skin concerns, promoting a more radiant and healthy-looking complexion. Incorporate LED therapy into your skincare routine with our innovative devices and experience the transformative effects. Elevate your skincare game and unlock the potential of light for radiant skin.

The best laser hair removal device:

1. The laser uses 8mmx120mm (8*100) caliber laser bar energy is 15% larger. In Q-switching mode, the single-pulse energy is easy to 660MJ, the double pulse is easy to 1200, and the static mode can reach 2500mj energy. The price is 7nm. The crystal rod is 40% more expensive.

2. The laser uses a high-quality Q switch combined with a specially designed cavity structure with a pulse width of 6 ns, which is 30% more expensive than an ordinary Q switch.

3. Pumped xenon lamps are imported from the UK and have good quality and long life. The price is three times more expensive than the domestic xenon lamp.

4. The frequency-doubled crystal uses a high-quality KTP crystal that can withstand a nanosecond beam of 532 nm above 600 mj. The price is five times more expensive than ordinary KTP crystals.

5. The laser cavity adopts a fully enclosed design process to protect it from dust and moisture. The cavity of this process is twice as expensive as a conventional non-fully enclosed cavity.

6. The light guide arm adopts a high damage threshold chipset MAX5/15J reflective lens with an imported Han arm, shaping lens to ensure a flat top spot, and light transmission efficiency is greater than 90%, ensuring transmission efficiency and life.

7. The laser power supply uses a high-quality booster power supply, which is twice as expensive as a conventional power supply.

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