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MagiSculpt 4 Handles Slimming Machine

Item No.: MagiSculpt
Functions: Weight loss body slimming sculpting machine body sculpting machine rf skin tightening. Experience the cutting-edge technology of the SEA HEART MagiSculpt 4 Handles EMS Body Slimming Machine, model SM-20.
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Functions: Weight loss body slimming sculpting machine body sculpting machine rf skin tightening
1. MagiSculpt Using a single-handle power supply configuration maximum of 1500w power (dual power supply maximum of 3000w), the measured maximum magnetic field strength is 3.0T
4-handle simultaneous output of up to 2.5T, the highest output 50Hz, handle internal electromagnetic coil size to 140mm large range of action diameter, inductance 40 microhenry, pulse peak current can withstand up to 4200A! 
2. Air-cooled design (the advantage of air-cooling is that the electromagnetic coil can use dense copper wire, allowing greater voltage and current work, thus improving the electromagnetic strength and service life)
3. High-frequency fast SCR imported from Germany
4. High-quality gold-tin alloy plated multi-strand high-purity copper wire inside the handle
ems sculpting

MagiSculpt ems body sculpting machine SM-20
1. it is the Unique design on your local market, The product itself and the price are competitive-advantage

2..we use Air cooling technology, an Air cooling system that allows long time operation without any overheating issues.

3. The maximum output power is up to 3000w, dual-control dual-circuit magnetic power supply (one for one). At present, the dual-control and dual-circuit is the best solution on the market. The output power is 1.6 times that of ordinary power supplies, the clinical effect is great and the service life is longer.

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