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VD930 1470nm+980nm Diode Laser System

Item No.: VD930
Professional 30W Spider Vein Removal 980 Diode Vascular Removal Laser
1470nm+980nm Diode Laser
5 in 1 Multifunctional Physical Therapy
Red Blood Lines + Gray Nails + Pain Physical Therapy + Rejuvenation & Anti-inflammation + Eczema & Herpes + Ice Hamm
Description Specifications
The 1470nm & 980nm 6 + 1 diode laser therapy device uses 1470nm and 980nm wavelength semiconductor fiber-coupled laser for vascular removal, nail fungus removal, physiotherapy, skin rejuvenation, eczema herpes, lipolysis surgery, EVLT surgery, or other surgeries. In addition, it also adds the functions of the ice compress hammer.

The new 1470nm semiconductor laser scatters less light in the tissue and distributes it evenly and effectively. It has a strong tissue absorption rate and a shallow penetration depth. The coagulation range is concentrated and will not damage the surrounding healthy tissue. It has high catted efficiency and can be conducted through optical fiber. It can be absorbed by hemoglobin and cellular water. The heat can be concentrated on a small volume of tissue, quickly vaporize and decompose the tissue, with less thermal damage, and has the effect of coagulation and hemostasis. advantage It is the most suitable for the repair of nerves, blood vessels, skin, and other tiny tissues and minimally invasive surgery such as varicose veins.
1470nm & 980nm 6 + 1 diode laser therapy device

Treatment Scope
[ Function 1 ]:  Vascular removal.  Remove all kinds of spider veins and vascular from the body surface.
[ Function 2 ]:  Nails fungus removal
[ Function 3 ]:  Physiotherapy
[ Function 4 ]:  Skin rejuvenation, Anti-inflammation
[ Function 5 ]:  Eczema &Herpes
[ Function 6 ]: Lipolysis surgery,  EVLT surgery, or other surgeries
  •    1) Accurately remove stubborn fat from the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, etc.
  •    2) It can also be refined and dissolved in parts that cannot be reached by traditional methods such as jaw and neck.
  •    3) Facial lifting, firming, and wrinkle removal.
  •    4) EVLT (Endogenous/ Varicose Veins Laser Treatment) or other surgeries.
[Function 7]: Dental Surgery
[Function 8]: Vaginal using
[ Additional Function ]:  Ice Compress Hammer

After Sales Service
1. One year warranty, if there any problems happen with your machine, we will repair it free of charge.

2. Convenient training, user manual, and operation video are available, also, if it is not enough, we can provide online face-to-face education.
3. OEM/ODM services, your logo, outside shape, language, and interface can especially be designed on your machine.
4. After sales service, offer 7*24 hours online service, lifetime free maintenance, and technology support forever.
5. Products all be assured safe, not broken, and packed with aluminum flight cases.
6. Highly recommended by DHL shipping, our company enjoys VIP shipping service, all we quoted are the favorable price, and goods will arrive in your country within 2-4 working days. (Except overweight and oversize products)
Output Fiber-optic coupling Aiming Beam 650nm
Laser wavelength 980nm+1470nm Net/Gross weight 5KG/11KG
Output Power 1470nm 9w & 980nm 30w Input AC: 100-240V,50/6OHz

Pulse width





Pulse mode

Length of Fiber

Operation interface


200 & 300cm

8.0 inch

Air cooling

Operate mode Touch screen Machine Dimensions 350mm*300mm*178mm
Language English or OEM Flight case Dimensions 460mm*440mm*340mm
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