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VitalInjector H1 Mesotherapy Gun for Moisturing Facial Lifting

Item No.: VitalInjector H1
The H1 instrument has the advantages of simple and convenientoperation, easy to install.The syringe device on a liquid crystaldisplay panel.The operator is easier to grasp the whole course oftreatment, the regulation of parameters.
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Vital Injector Mesotherapy Gun

As the years go by, the skin loses moisture and starts to show signs of dehydration, dry lines, lack of elasticity, enlarged pores or sensitivity. In order to regain the beauty of our skin, we look for first aid. Products and treatments are common remedies, but ultimately, in order to fully hydrate the skin from the inside out, we must start from the bottom of the skin.

Vital Injector is Korea's latest injection technology, which utilizes activity-controlled depth, injection frequency, average injection volume, speed and suction to lead you into a more professional treatment. This machine can use various micro-molecule fillers, placenta, and so on. This machine can use various micro-molecular fillers, placenta, etc., which can be absorbed by the skin to achieve a soft and hydrating effect without causing nodules, and together with the Vital Injector, it can restore the skin's hydration feeling in a safe, fast, and stable way. As Vital Injector also has a minimally invasive effect, it can improve skin firmness and smooth dry skin, achieving the desired results.

  • Minimizes Drug Loss
  • Variable speed and multi-functional microneedle can enhance the effect of drug treatment.
  • User Convenient Program
  • The main functions can be operated through the touch panel, which is simple and easy to use.
  • Safe Treatment Available
  • Reliable and stable state-of-the-art equipment and safe injection techniques allow for fast and precise treatment of the skin.
  • Accurate Treatment Available
  • Helps to stabilize the treatment, control the amount of medication accurately, reduce bleeding, and minimize the risk of side effects.

mesotherapy injection gun

Advantages and safety of the instrument
1. precise adjustment of injection depth: 0.2mm-5mm
2. precise adjustment of injection volume: 7-30ul
3. adjust the injection speed: 1-6 seconds once
4. Negative pressure suction, the skin can be lifted up to play, which is the biggest highlight of this instrument.
5. Can be installed syringe: 1,2,3,5ml 5ml injection can be pressed on the following
Instruments can be injected with drugs
Hydrographic injection (unlimited brands, commonly used Rylan, Hajisu, LG water light, artist water light, etc.)
BOTOX (botulinum toxin) - needs to be diluted with saline, extract 20-25 units
Maxim Placenta Injection
And other injections that can be injected into the face
mesotherapy guns

Needle Information 31G, Spin Multi-Needle Type
Needle Penetration Control 0~5mm(Interval 0.2mm)
Syringe Type 1cc,2cc,3cc,5cc
Operation Mode Intermittent, Continuous
Voltage & Frequency DC12v or DC24V,50~60Hz
Dimension(WXDXH mm) Injector : 310x52x172Body : 232x248x128 Panel
Gun LCD 1.4 Inch
Body_CD 4.3 Inch,Touch Screen
Weight 2.4KG ( Body+Injector)
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