A professional explanation of photoelectric instruments in one chart

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A professional explanation of photoelectric instruments in one chart
Introduction Principle Depth of action Target of action Indication (effect)  Representative device
Sound waves Unfocused Ultrasound 1-5cm Fat cells Science and medicine people enjoy thin
High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, the acronym is HIFU (so also known as HEFU), which translates to High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound The ultrasound wave ultrasonic knife uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to focus ultrasound waves on a single point to produce high energy, which acts on the Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (SMAS), causing The SMAS layer is contracted, resulting in a lifting effect.

1. pull mention tighten the skin on both cheeks

2. Improve jawline and reduce marionette lines

3. Improve skin texture, making the skin delicate and shiny

4. Remove necklines and prevent neck aging

5. Improve skin elasticity and contour tightening

6. Tighten the skin tissue of the forehead and enhance the eyebrow line

7. Eliminate wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, and lips 

SAMA layer

fat cells 

abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, back, and other fat accumulation areas UIthera, UItraShape Series Thermolipo Uposonix, USA

LDM is the abbreviation of Local Dynamic Micro-massage (dynamic micro-local massage), is currently a new model in medical aesthetics and skin treatment projects, non-invasive, non-invasive, painless way, the ultrasonic energy penetration deep into the skin, efficient activation, repair, and awaken the regenerative capacity of cells, greatly improve the aging of sagging, wrinkles, and sensitive symptoms, but also to repair damaged skin has a significant therapeutic effect, for the skin to rejuvenate the glow!

LDM is through 1MHZ, 3MHZ, 10MHZ high-frequency vibration alternately acting on the dermis for cell massage, inhibition of MMPS (collagen elastic fibers and other important factors of material loss) while promoting the promotion of fibroblast synthesis, increase the content of GAG (glycosaminoglycan, affect the skin water content), and activate HSPS (heat shock protein), so as to increase collagen elastic fibers hyaluronic acid and other substances that support the youthfulness of the skin, to alleviate wrinkles, skin tightening, hydration, repair damaged skin and improve the skin's ability to repair itself.

Ultrasound Water Introduced beauty products Small bubbles attached




Wavelength Material
10600 Water Epidermal reconstruction, tissue pneumatization Asclepion ML-2030
2940 Erbium-doped garnet Water Moderate acne scarring, epidermal tumors, neck, chest, hands, intimate Asclepion, MCL31, Fotona Rui Li
2100 Holmium Water Tissue cavitation, lithotripsy Wavelight AURIGA (Germany)
1927 Water Collagen promotion, wrinkle removal dermal pigmentation Fraxel、Lasemd
1550 Fiber Water Collagen promotion, wrinkle removal Fraxel, GSD Le Lis
1540 Erbium Glass Water Collagen promotion, wrinkle removal StarLux Paloma(USA)
1450 Semiconductor Water Collagen promotion, wrinkle removal Smoothbeam1450nm
1320 Water Collagen promotion, skin rejuvenation, lipolysis New Star Laser CoolTouch1320(USA)
1064 Pigment Tattoo, dermal pigmentation (black) Cutera XO(Cool Blue)
800-810、940 Semiconductor Pigment Melanin, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne Supreme, AsclepionMedioStar MedioStar LLumenis one
755 Pigment Tattoo, dermal pigment (green-black) GentleLADE, Apogee Elite Cynosure
694 Pigment Pigmentation diseases Asclepion, RubyStar+RedTStar
532 1mm blood vessel Erythema, facial capillary dilation Odd Laser 532YGA
532 Pigment Tattoo, dermal pigment (red) Medlite C6
590-600 1mm blood vessel

Erythema, facial capillary dilation

Dendritic Veins of the Lower Leg 

355 Triple frequency Nd Water, blood vessels Ophthalmology SciMedics
XeCl Water, blood vessels Vitiligo, psoriasis, leukoplakia TALOS Wavelight (Germany)
Krf Organic polymer Vaporized organic polymers, ophthalmology Skylight
Excimer Water, blood vessels Ophthalmology Japan NIDEK EC-5000VISX STAR
ArF Organic polymer Vaporized organic polymers, ophthalmology NWR193
 Crystal Diode LED

633/640 (red light)

415/470 (blue light)

Crystal diode  Water, pigment Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, skin rejuvenation, spot reduction Deepskin LED
 Pulsed Intense Light IPL  430-1200  Pulsed Intense Light Vascular, Pigment Collagen Erythema, Capillary Dilation, Collagen Promotion Queen's Photon, Kemin M22
 Electrolysis   PRT electrolysis 3 different treatment devices, namely endogenous lifting wave treatment device, plasma gold treatment device Mesotherapy wave treatment device

Radio Frequency (RF)

FR: Fat reduction, Skin Tightness, CL: Cellulite, IC: Irregular Contour

 Monopolar RF  ST CL/FR ST CL  IC Thermage/BTL Exitis Elite
 Bipolar RF  FR  ST CL IC/FR Endymed PRO/BTL Vanquish
 Wave phase monopolar RF  FR ST CL IC/FR ST CL  IC Quantum Lift, Thermolift
 Multipolar RF  FR ST CL IC/FR ST CL  IC Venus Freeze
 Microneedle RF  ST CL/ST CL BodyTite Lei&one

 Shockwave  Through physical mechanical energy Massager
 Needle-free facial  Blasting the nutrient solution into small nano molecules by air pressure (rocket jet principle with patented aviation technology) and delivering it directly to the basal layer through the natural channels of the skin at a speed of 220/SF JET Peel 3v
 Needled facial  The nutrient solution is delivered directly to the basal layer of the skin by means of fractional micro-pores more effective in driving the nutrient solution directly to the designated area Demasa, Water Cube
 Microdermabrasion  The use of fine, sand-like silicon oxide crystals The nutrient solution is sprayed onto the skin surface at high speed, minimizing trauma to the epidermis Vanadium Titanium Microneedle
 Microneedle Shoton  Using micro-needles to form a large number of micro-pipelines on the skin's surface. The biologically active ingredients are slowly penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin to improve skin quality Rolling Needle, Electric Microneedle
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