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By Pico Laser: Everything you need to know about Skin Treatment

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Author : Maher
Update time : 2023-02-23 13:47:49

Do you know the DEFENSIVE SYSTEM of the body?


Skin is the FIRST that fights the germs. External exposure to dust, sunlight, or poisonous chemicals can affect our skin. Endogenous pigmentation or age-related skin changes are a BIG ISSUE for people.


They want a SOLUTION that makes their skin more young and healthy.


Is there any solution like that?


Yes, we have the LASER TREATMENT. Picosecond lasers have revolutionized the whole process.


Want to know more about it?


Read till the end. 




Chapter 1: Picosecond Laser Fundamentals

What is a Pico Laser?


A pico laser is a MACHINE that throws short-duration pulses on the Skin. It is not a NEW PROCESS in the cosmetic industry.


For years, it has been a POPULAR choice for skin repair. It is a COMPLETE non-invasive process to correct the SKIN PIGMENTATION or tattoo marks.


Have you heard of the Q Switched ND Yag laser? 


If yes, it is the MEDIUM of this process. As an alternative, Alexandrite crystals with wavelengths of 755 nm can be USED.

How does it work?


The treatment PROCESS is quite simple and easy. No high time or high temperature that could burn your skin.


The Picosecond laser machine generates the SHORT DURATION pulse waves. These are projected on your skin parts and stimulate the collagen to HEAL the body's skin.


It is like a REJUVENATION process of the skin. There is no PAIN or injury to the body. This treatment takes little to no time.

How many picoseconds are in a second?


Second is BIGGER UNIT for the time. It equals 1 trillion picoseconds.

How Many Pico Laser Treatments Do I need?


The number of TREATMENTS required for the Pico Laser differs for the different skin types. Even the results duration is different.


Usually, dermatologists recommend going for at least 3-4 treatments.


The results take three weeks, but some skin types take up to 8 weeks for better results.

How much does it cost?


Pico Laser cost depends on the number of sessions and treatments you take.


The treatment process and doctor's fee are included in the total cost. It costs around $150-$4500 in the USA. Again, it depends on the doctor.


What are the indications of this process?

Got an acne?


It sucks! The first question is whether to choose the medical treatment or to go after the LASER.


Medical treatment takes 4-6 months. Who goes for that long period?


That is where pico lasers are BLESSING.


Here are indications for this process.


● Skin laxity.

● Fine lines and wrinkles.

● Age spots and sun damage.

● Scarring.

● Removing pigmented lesions.

● Uneven lighter or darker skin tones and texture.




Chapter 2: 5 Benefits Of Pico Laser Treatment

Here are the essential benefits of the Pico Laser treatment process.


● Safe


Pico Laser is quick and effective with almost no problems. The machines are relatively EASIER to operate. A dermatologist can effectively do laser treatment with the devices.


So you can expect complete safety during this process.


● Quick Results


People always ask,


"When will my skin become more healthy?" 


The fact lies in the RESULT PERIOD.


It takes 2-3 weeks for the results. From the medical aspect, it is one of the FATEST result-generating processes.




● Less or No pain


Are you afraid of painful processes?


But not here.


Since the process is fast, it causes little to no pain. Non-invasive nature prevents other skin complications due to surgery.


● No downtime



The process is FAST. Results are quick. It makes it a medical procedure with no downtime.


The machine latency is VERY LOW. You save time and money both on such a process.



● Lesser side effects


Some laser processes can cause LYMPHOMA or skin cancers!




Pico Laser Does not. 


No burn. No pain. And no surgical operation makes it a relatively safe process with fewer COMPLICATIONS.




Chapter 3: Steps of Pico Laser Treatment

Pico Laser treatment offers a COMPLETE solution for many skin problems. You get access to a NEW LIFE that is perfect in every aspect.


Here are some STEPS you could expect in the WHOLE TREATMENT process.


● Step 1: History


Medical history is QUITE crucial. The doctor might ask you some questions about your previous treatment history.


It will explore your sensitivity or any other skin problems. Tell the doctor all the details for your safety.


● Step 2: Preparation


Patient preparation is part of any cosmetic procedure.


Dermatologists advise you to STAY HYDRATED and prevent exposure to sunlight. You can use the SUNSCREEN for at least one month before implementing the process.


● Step 3: Essential Care

Usually, anesthesia is not REQUIRED for laser therapy.


But some dermatologists do. So local anesthetics work well in that case. The doctor also recommends wearing the GOGGLES to avoid eye damage.


● Step 4: Procedure Application

It is time to apply the LASER BEAM on the skin.


● Dermatologists will use the picosecond laser and EXPOSE the pigmented areas to the laser beam.

● Wrinkles, fine scars, acne, and unleveled skin can be a TARGET for the laser.

● The process takes 15 to 30 minutes with little to no PAIN.

● Ultimately, a serum is GOOD to apply for better skin rejuvenation.



That is how the WHOLE PROCESS works.

● Step 5: Post-Laser Care


Has your doctor reached here?


It is not ENOUGH. Side effects such as redness are usual on the skin. But you can avoid it.


Here are some tips after the treatment.


● Avoid exposure to sunlight.

● Drink a lot of water and prevent dehydration of the skin.

● Wash your FACE gently with the COLD WATER.

● Avoid the application of oil foundations on your skin.


● Step 6: Results


So, when will you expect the RESULTS?


That is a BIG QUESTION. The results are not far. It takes around 2 TO 3 WEEKS, per standard time, for the RESULTS to appear. Sometimes, the resulting period might increase.


Chapter 4: SeaHeart pico Laser Machine

What is Our pico laser machine?


Sea Heart has one of the TOP machines for your skin. If you are a dermatologist, you can find the PICO LASER MACHINE.


Seaheart PICO LASER machine uses the Nd Yag laser beams of 532 or 1064 nm. The results are EXCELLENT with the whole process.


The duration of the pulse is 100X shorter than nanosecond technology.


Features of our Pico Laser machine


Here are some of the TOP features our pico laser machine comprises.


● High Efficacy


The efficacy of a PICOSECOND laser machine largely depends on the technology you use.


Nd Yag has reduced the CONCERNS for efficiency. You get the HIGHEST efficacy with long-lasting results. Skin healing power increases multiple times.


● Short Duration


Short pulses but faster than expected do two BENEFITS:


● They reduce the processing time. It is a GOOD point for patients who do not want to go for long treatments.

● Short pulses do not cause any burns or adverse effects on the skin.


Over time, you'll get more results and expect more customers to your clinic.


● Effective Skin Treatment


Does your patient need a solution for acne?


NO PROBLEM. It has everything suitable for your skin.


It is your tattoo removal machine. Acne to the Endogenous skin pigmentation, you get all in one solution.


Why choose our Pico laser machine?

Many facts make us a BETTER SUPPLIER for your tattoo removal machine.


For example:


● Durable Machine


Our machine quality is VERY HIGH. Every single piece is made of DIAMOND.


You can work with it for extended durations. We are even ready to replace it if you have some problems.

● Innovative technology


We know the WORTH of updating technology—no compromise on this aspect.


Q-switch Nd YAG Laser is the BEST technology in recent times. You can explore more about this system.


● Affordable Prices


For our clients, BUDGET is a BIG DEAL.


But, no more. 


We have a secret solution for the budget. Our machines offer optimal performance with the LOWEST latency. These are affordable, fitting your budget and needs.



Why choose Searheart?


It is a GOOD question. Why should you even consider the SEAHEART?


We have some secret features that make it a TOP-NOTCH manufacturer in CHINA.


● 18 YEARS IN COSMETIC MACHINES. We have a PROFESSIONAL staff trained by experts. A long 18 years of experience makes us an INTEGRAL component of the Cosmetic industry for manufacturing machines.

● AFTER-SALE SERVICES. Once you have purchased a machine, stay connected. We do not leave you alone. You can update us if you have any ISSUES with our devices.

● ONE-STOP PARTNER. We have delivered our machines to more than 50 countries. From manufacturing to the DOORSTEP delivery, leave everything to us.


When going for a PICO LASER MACHINE, there are some points to consider.


● Get a TOP manufacturer.

● Compare its prices with the other manufacturers.

● Settle on the BEST QUALITY with affordable prices.



Do you have these sorts of goals? If yes, that is a GREAT choice.


You can get every peculiar feature from the SEAHEART. We have a professional staff with the TOP Machines.


Do you want to buy machines? 


Call us to get a FREE QUOTE.



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