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What is Dermapen? How does it work?

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Author : Maher
Update time : 2023-03-13 11:23:41

Skin is the MOST VULNERABLE part of our body.


Do you know why?


● Instant Exposure

● Histology, as such, makes it EASY to get infected.




Why worry? Technology has made everything possible for us. Get a derma pen. Apply on your skin.


Scars out. New skin in.


That is all.


Want to know more about the DERMAPEN and professional micro-needling?


You are precisely at the RIGHT PLACE.


This article will CRAFT the derma pen and help you understand the DERMA PROFESSIONAL MICRONEEDLING PROCESS.


Chapter 1: Dermapen Introduction

What is a derma pen?


Derma pen or Dr. Pen has NO ROCKET SCIENCE.


It is like a PEN but does the job of collagen production.


The simple and efficient pen that boosts your skin. You can apply it on your SKIN, and the results will be visible before you reckon.

How does it work?


The process is QUITE simple. Here are some steps to know the exact procedure.


● Dermatologist makes it PATIENT ready.

● The process is MINIMALLY INVASIVE.

● The dermatologist applies the PEN over the patient's skin to boost collagen production.


A 15-30 MINUTE PROCEDURE is GOING to activate collagen production and renew your skin.


Do you know what Collagen is?


It is the Main component of your skin that gives your SKIN a new life.

What are its uses?


The derma roller application on the skin is ONE OF THE BEST WAYS to give new life to your skin.


Don't you want that?


Go ahead! Read more about its uses.


It can remove:


● fine lines

● wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, neck, and décolleté

● sagging abdomen or post-pregnancy abdomen

● back of the hands and arms

● acne scars

Is the derma pen right for you?


Derma roller is a SUITABLE process. But make sure you exclude many other diseases that affect the SKIN GROWTH.


For example, autoimmune diseases or Diabetes mellitus.


Do you have any of these diseases?




Then you are 100% SUITABLE. This procedure is suitable for everyone with every skin color.


So don't worry about that.


Chapter 2: Benefits of Dermapen


So, is derma pen micro needling suitable?


Yes. It is 100% SUITABLE and a beneficial process.


Here are some of the KEY BENEFITS.

● Improves skin texture


The derma stamp process is QUITE efficient in improving the skin texture. It allows the college to speed up the growth process.


Gives a NEW LIFE to the skin texture. Your skin will be healthier than before.

● Removes the scars and pigmentation


Tired of scars?


That is the story of hundreds of millions of people. Scars and acne are the BIGGEST problems.


In some locations of the skin, there is excessive MELANIN PRODUCTION.


Derma stamp treats all the scars and provides efficient results.

● Painless


Are you afraid of pain?


No more now.


It is a MINIMALLY invasive process. We can't say you won't feel the pain, but one thing is sure;


The pain is so minimal it feels like a painless process.


You don't have to worry about that.

● Easy to Use


It is like the PEN.


You must apply it over the skin, and the results are out.


The FAST RESULTS and effective use makes it EASY to operate this tool.


● Effective results


Micro-needling pen offers ULTIMATE access to the ocean of practical results.


A single session brings up results in 4 weeks. Don't you think it is a FAST time for the results?



Chapter 3: What to look for in a derma pen?

Have you ever purchased a DERMA PEN?


Maybe not the derma pen but some other derma tools.


Have you ever done that? If not, let me DISCLOSE some secrets of buying the tools.


These are:

● Reputable manufacturer


A reputable manufacturer is GOING to help you out. Here are some reasons to choose the respected manufacturer.


● People trust such MANUFACTURERS.

● Their product QUALITY is high.

● They offer a PREMIUM customer service once you buy products from them.


Moreover, such manufacturers have a FLEXIBLE return and refund policy.

● Build Quality


Everyone wants a DURABLE solution. A derma pen that does not lose its FUNCTION EASILY.


Do you have that type of goal?


Go and check the derma pen from your manufacturers. You can ask for samples to assess the quality of the products.


Ensure all the PRODUCTS you get have acceptable quality.


● Extensive Customer Support


Customer support guarantees the EFFECTIVENESS of a manufacturer.


Not all manufacturers are GOOD ENOUGH. What you have to do is to filter out the BEST ONE.


And how will you do that?


Just ask some questions about the manufacturing process. Keep your checklist ready. And know how they provide after-sale services.


If everything is aligned with your business, it may be the right choice.

● Cost


Expensive deals have INTEGRITY. But not always.


Moreover, if you have started your clinic, your goal might be to save some bucks.


And it is the RIGHT TIME.


You can ask the manufacturer about the price. Close your deal at the BEST POSSIBLE RATES.




Chapter 4: Sea Heart

Why Derma Pin from Sea Heart?


SEAHEART is one of the TOP manufacturers of derma pens. You get ONLY the derma pen but also the safety for your CLINIC.


Our products come under the BEST MANUFACTURING PROCESSES identified by FDA and many other popular certification companies.


Here is the list of our products.


● High-Quality Derma Pen

● Micro Needles Derma Stamp 

● Titanium 192 Microneedle Derma Roller system 

● 140A Adjustable Microneedling Derma Stamp 

● Skin Tightening 175 Microneedles Derma Stamp




All of our products come with multiple FEATURES. For example, you get the COMPLETE DETAILS of certifications and check the functionality.


Want to know more?


Get them here.


Flexible control


Whether it is ACCESS to power or a needling system, we provide complete FLEXIBILITY.


No need to go and buy multiple tools for the ultimate goal. Instead, you get everything at a SINGLE SITE.


Isn't it great for you? 

Wireless or Wired mode


As we mentioned earlier, we offer FLEXIBILITY.


Our derma pens are either wireless or WIRED. You can choose whatever you like and order from us.

Adjustable needle Length


Needle length is QUITE essential for a dermatologist. And it is 100% IMPORTANT to adjust the needle according to the patient's skin.


Don't you think it will MAKE your job even EASIER?




Maybe you have questions. Like:


Why Seaheart? Why only our derma pen? 


There are hundreds of COMPANIES worldwide. Then, why Seaheart?


Here are some reasons.


● Quality Manufacturing System


Our manufacturing system is OF HIGH QUALITY. You can even visit our factory. Assess all the processes. And then why we are the BEST in the skincare machines.


No SINGLE low-quality item. Durability and functionality are something we do not compromise on.

● Guaranteed Functionality



We assure our customers of the FUNCTIONALITY.


You check the products. Let us KNOW if you got the right one. 100% FUNCTIONAL PRODUCT is our guarantee. If something goes wrong, we will still help you with the REFUND or new products.


● Affordable Prices


Ah! We all know how IMPORTANT the prices are.


That is why we have made it EASY for everyone to access our derma pens. You choose the product. Check the QUALITY. And then decide whether the price falls in your BUDGET RANGE or not.

Why choose Seaheart?


Finally, you are at a CRUCIAL. Here are some reasons why SEAHEART is the BEST for all your derma machines.


Complete shipment Facility


We enable the DELIVERY TO your doorstep.


Our team is ALREADY in contact with some of the TOP shipping companies. Whether it is FedEx or UPS, you get your products on time with 100% SAFETY.


No bullshit. No delays. Only TIMELY DELIVERY.

24/7 Customer Support


Are you stuck in a PROBLEM? Leave that. We are there to HELP you out of it.


Our customer service is AVAILABLE 24/7 to listen to your problems. We can solve all your situations.

After-sale Services


Most manufacturers don't even CONTACT the clients after they have made the SALES.


That sucks! In our case, we have SPECIAL attention to this aspect.


Our after-sale services are NOT GOING you leave alone at a mountain. You get complete SERVICES after purchasing products.


From refund to replacement, we get you ALL.


Isn't it enough for you? 


Here is what our clients say.


Client 1:


Their derma pen is of high quality—the complete package for me. I would recommend everyone check their products. Thank you, Seaheart, for such excellent services.


Client 2:


What I love about their services is the flexibility of skin care machines. Multiple products make it easy to buy in a variety. And the great thing is the low prices with quality. Good luck with your products!




Do you want a derma pen for your CLINIC?


Have a check on our clients. And then decide whether to buy from us.


Ready to purchase?


Make a SINGLE call. We'll be at your DOORSTEP to deliver a micro-needling pen.

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