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Everything you need to know about fractional CO2 laser from Medical Aesthetic Laser Beauty Equipment

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Author : Maher
Update time : 2023-03-23 11:00:59

Look. Science has REACHED the advanced stages




There are multiple solutions. Acne has various surgical, medical, and laser treatments. For every process, dermatologists need a MACHINE.


For example, for CO2 laser treatment, you need a co2 fractional laser machine.


Want a brief guide on choosing the BEST machine?


This article will deep dive into the process.

Chapter 1: All about fractional CO2 Laser process

portable laser hair removal machine 

What is a fractional CO2 laser?


The fractional CO2 laser itself is defined.


It is a NON-INVASIVE process with the laser beam to correct acne and treats damaged skin parts.


Does your skin have irregular surfaces? Not only a SINGLE COMPLAINT compels dermatologists to apply the FRACTIONAL CO2.


Instead, there are many reasons for the fractional CO2. You can read them later in the next chapter.

How does CO2 fractional laser work?


It is one of the SIMPLEST processes to apply on the skin.


Here are some points to understand the FRACTIONAL CO2 laser process.


● The dermatologist or physician prepares the PATIENT.

● A fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing machine throws the LASER BEAM on the skin part unevenly or has acne.

● The beam contains carbon dioxide so we call it a CO2 laser.


Since it is the LASER BEAM, minimal to no pain occurs.

How much does a fractional CO2 laser cost?


The price varies from area to area and COUNTRY to country.


Following factors often determine the COST.


● The sensitivity of the skin in some cases.

● Experience of the DOCTOR. More experienced doctors often charge higher costs.

● Where are you undergoing this process?


The cost is around $400-$1000 or even more in some cases depending on the expertise of the dermatologist.

fractional co2 laser 

Does CO2 fractional laser hurt?


The process is NON-INVASIVE. That means there is no USE for needles or syringes.


But laser beams can cause PRICKING pain. To avoid any pain, the dermatologist often applies a LOCAL anesthetic to numb the face or area which is UNDER TREATMENT.


Don't be AFRAID about the pain!

Does CO2 fractional laser work?


Yes, 100% it works perfectly for your SKIN.


But if you have a HYPERSENSITIVITY, it can cause a problem. Therefore, you must consult a dermatologist before undergoing any skin treatment process.

Does CO2 fractional laser tighten skin?


Yes. If you have LOOSE skin, it can effectively tighten it.


The mechanism is QUITE SIMPLE. The laser beam produces enough heat to boost the COLLAGEN production. Collagen can further improve your SKIN HEALTH.


What Do I Need To Do Before Fractional CO2 Laser?


Dermatologists don't just do the process until they CONFIRM you are an ideal patient.


Suppose you are an ideal patient. Still, you need to go for the pre-treatment process. Here it is:


● Don't use VITAMIN A or retinol products. It affects the final results.

● Don't expose your SKIN to the sun. Essentially two weeks before undergoing the process, you must focus on this.

● Avoid using Aspirin or other NSAIDs. They might affect the results.

● Always get pre-process tips from your doctor.

co2 fractional laser 


Chapter 2: Benefits of Fractional CO2 laser machine on skin


A portable fractional CO2 laser machine offers several benefits. Here are some of them discussed here.
● Improved skin texture and appearance.

Do you know what collagen is? It is an important part of your skin.


CO2 laser does one CRUCIAL task. It improves collagen strength.


So you expect a better job from your skin.

● Reduction in the number and severity of scars.


Do you know why scars occur?


These are SIMPLY the response to injuries. After recovering, fibrosis occurs in the DEFECTIVE part of the skin. It appears as a SCAR.


Since CO2 laser optimizes COLLAGEN production, the scars are replaced with the new SKIN.


Don't you want that?
● Reduced inflammation and redness.


Fractional CO2 laser machines play a KEY ROLE in inflammation.


It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Reduce the redness and inflammation.

fractional co2 laser machine 
● Improved collagen production.


We already have discussed the CO2 LASER role in collagen production.


And what is collagen?


It is the KEY PART of the skin. Skin integrity depends on it.
● Increased elasticity and suppleness in the skin.


Skin integrity depends on collagen.


When the CO2 laser heats the inner components of the skin, it increases the elasticity of the skin. It gives a NEW LIFE to our skin.
● Prevention or reduction of wrinkles and age lines


Are you afraid of aging?


Wrinkles and crow's feet on the FOREHEAD are a BIGGER PROBLEM. These show aging.


But with FRACTIONAL CO2, it reduces wrinkles and age lines.


You will be young.

fractional laser co2 

Chapter 3: Factors to explore in a CO2 Fractional Laser Machine


Are you buying a CO2 fractional laser machine?


Wait. Don't buy until you READ these tips. These are proven and help you choose the right item.


Let's check the details. 

● Quality


Always check the quality. And most of us do it before buying anything. The same applies in this case.


Whenever you land laser equipment co2 fractional, it is VERY important to check everything. Ensure it procures the QUALITY. You can get the DETAILS of quality control to know the QUALITY production as well.

● Durability


Do you want to BUY the same equipment multiple times?


Not at all. Who does want to reinvest in something that is NOT a long-term solution?


It is TIME to make the choices right. You can contact the manufacturer. Check the quality. And even get the WARRANTY for some period.


It gives an idea of how durable the FRACTIONAL CO2 laser machine is.
fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing machine
● Easy to use


Can a beginner use a MACHINE?


If a junior doctor understands the working mechanism, it will be good. You can comfortably use the MACHINE. And get the BEST out of it.


Ensure the machine is QUITE easy to understand and use.

● Cost


Do you have a HIGH BUDGET?


That may be true for you. But not 100% of dermatologists are RICH. Moreover, for the dermatologist who has just started his career, it can be DIFFICULT to invest a big amount.


That is the POINT where you must check the price.


● Get quotes from multiple manufacturers.

● Compare the costs and QUALITY.

● Buy from a manufacturer who offers a COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION.

● Customer service

when you buy something, does your manufacturer support you after purchase?


If so, that can be an EXCELLENT CHOICE. In other cases, you must consult a manufacturer who has GOOD COMMUNICATION skills. Offers the BEST POSSIBLE services. And provides premium support even after making a purchase.

portable fractional co2 laser 


Chapter 4: Why Sea Heart!


Seaheart is one of the BEST MANUFACTURERS for cosmetic machines.


Got a skin problem?


Apply the FRACTIONAL CO2 to generate the results effectively.


Our CO2 fractional laser machines

Seaheart has two MACHINES in its collection for fractional CO2. Here are these:


● Fractional CO2 Laser Machine 4D 

● Fractional co2 Laser skin resurfacing machine


Why are our machines the best?


Buy our machines. Why?


Here are some reasons that make us the BEST.

laser equipment co2 fractional 

 ● Latest Technology


Seaheart doesn't COMPROMISE on product technology. We implement cutting-edge technology and offer the LATEST solutions.


We know how important it is to have the LATEST equipment. Get them from us.

● Variety of Options


Seaheart has multiple varieties of machines.


The diversity of features increases your ease to BUY a fractional CO2 laser.


We have the following options.


● Varying maximum power ranging from 30-50 watts.

● Access to multiple laser beam shapes.

● Multiple patterns


Don't you WANT that level of flexibility?

● Affordable Price


Cost is a BIGGER ISSUE for some clients. And we have a solution. You can check the machine prices on the LOCAL MARKET.


Check the price differences and decide why our products are available at a COMPETITIVE rate.


Isn't it great?
scars removal fractional co2 laser machine

Why choose SeaHeart?


There are numerous MANUFACTURERS. Seaheart is the BEST among them. What makes SEAHEART the best manufacturer?


Here are many reasons to choose SEAHEART.

● After-Sale Services


Most manufacturers don't even get the REVIEWS of their machines. But when you buy an item from the SEAHEART, we never leave you alone.


Simple. Contact us if you have any problems. We'll offer the BEST solution for our machines.

● Quality Control


We have QUALITY criteria. Every machine goes through a process of QUALITY control. Our inspectors verify whether it matches the HEALTH STANDARDS or not.


When using our laser equipment co2 fractional, you'll never face a SINGLE defect regarding the quality. Durability is another key feature.

● Complete Shipment Facilities


When working with SEAHEART, leave everything to us. From quality sourcing to shipping, we have all.


Our FAST SHIPPING by air transports the laser equipment co2 fractional safely to your doorstep.


Why worry then?

tightening skin care beauty co2 fractional laser



"Seaheart machines are great. I ordered a portable fractional co2 laser machine. Shipping was fast and flawless. The quality is excellent. Thank you for a great experience."


"Thank you, Seaheart. You are amazing. I have just received my item. Very Fast shipping. I would recommend using their services without hesitation."

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