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DA808 Laser Hair Removal Machine Notes on Use

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Author : Sunny
Update time : 2023-09-05 11:48:25
DA808 Laser Hair Removal Machine
Notes on Use
1. Product Configuration

Model Configuration




1cm small spot
808nm single wavelength 


Single Handed
2cm large spot
Single 808nm wavelength


Double Hands
2cm large spot + 1cm small spot
Single 808nm wavelength


Double Hands

4cm super-large light spot + 2cm large light spot
Single 808nm wavelength

2. About the handle laser power, spot size, and other information
SO106 = 600w, 6bar*100w/bar; 12*14mm, 1cm^2
SO212 = 1200w, 12bar*100w/bar; 12*24mm, 2cm^2
SO415 = 1500w, 15bar*100w/bar; 14*40mm, 4cm^2

3. Color
Black and white colors are available, black is recommended

4. Product Configuration
(1) Upgrade 15.6 inch full HD touch screen, new GUI with three major treatment modes, built-in a variety of treatment programs;
(2) handle full series of high-power imported bar, new 200w ring cooling piece, 1.54-inch touch screen (not open for use), can be optional nasal hair head (order to be noted), warranty 2 years;
(3) high-quality laser power supply, smooth energy output, short rise and fall time energy efficiency, over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current, and other multiple protections to ensure that the laser works efficiently for a long time;
(4) high-efficiency TEC400w refrigeration module minimum water temperature can be up to 18 degrees, the use of dual filtration system NSF certified, equipped with water flow check, water temperature check, water level check, UV disinfection, etc., to ensure the stability of the laser work.
(5) host internal use of high-strength sheet metal frame (not cheap plastic laminate), water and electricity separation design, strong and weak power separation design, compact and reasonable design, easy to maintain, 4-inch medical casters, single and double-handle program optional.
(6) internal configuration includes leakage protection switch (no switch or ordinary air switch), double fuse insurance, AC filter, high-quality switching power supply 5 years warranty, silver-plated wire (ordinary wire tin cost difference of 10 times), etc...
(7) Water connectors are all made of stainless steel and plastic to minimize the precipitation of metal ions, high-quality CPC quick-plug connectors are high-pressure resistant and do not leak, and the newly developed high-pressure water pump from Germany Punit ensures that the water cooling effect.
(8) Host warranty 3 years, except consumables (filter 3-6 months need to be replaced, the default is equipped with 3 sets).
5. On the product use process feedback issues
(1) Transportation issues: 1. In view of some regional transportation issues, the use of aluminum box solid wood panel air box (not cheap pressed plywood), with wheels for easy transportation; 2. Humidity during transportation leads to static electricity or screws having rust, and increased moisture-proof bags.

(2) Water quality issues: water must be added to medical pure water, the worst is Watson's distilled water to do, ordinary pure water or tap water can not meet the water quality requirements, once the filter fails, the laser internal waterway will produce impurities scale, bacteria, and algae, etc. Usually the laser is damaged need to mail the entire handle to the country, Return to the laser manufacturer will be analyzed to give the cause of damage to the laser, if the internal above problems, can be in accordance with the terms of the contract, not in accordance with the requirements of the correct use of the laser (water quality requirements) refused free warranty, resulting in losses need to be borne by the customer. If even distilled water is not available, use the coolant for automobiles, do not use tap water or drinking pure water.

(3) laser after-sales: 1. Most of the laser failure is basically due to long-term non-exchange of water, do not change the filter, resulting in unqualified water quality, resulting in thermal failure of the laser and thus burned, This situation needs to be sent back to the entire handle, because the water-cooled plate internal waterway will also be contaminated, need to be sent back together to replace or clean up; 2. laser after-sales is the need to return to the entire handle, the repair is completed and returned to the customer, the warranty period Within the laser non-water quality reasons for damage free repair, return freight borne by our company, the customer only need to bear the return freight can be, due to this process time will be longer, it is recommended that the customer can buy a spare handle.

(4) Water temperature alarm: Currently 30 degrees will limit the handle light, 1. Kilowatts above the laser due to heat, work, and handle cooling temperature needs to be adjusted to 50% is also enough, otherwise the maximum power can only work for about 30 minutes, need to rest for 5-10 minutes in order to continue to use; 2. Add water is too little to lead to the rise of the water temperature is too fast, The static added to the exhaust port after the discharge of water, can be turned on and then continue to add water, because of water quality reasons. Can boot and then continue to add water, because after the water cycle, will be stored a large amount of water in the water-cooling system, resulting in the water tank is still air, so boot the water cycle and then add water can be guaranteed, the water tank is not in the gas.

(5) water flow alarm or too low: 1. water circulation problems (not inserted handle, pump damage, pump power damage, no water or less water); 2. waterway blockage (replace the filter). Although the flow rate is too low will not affect the use, but will reduce the service life of the laser, usually due to poor water quality, or not in accordance with the requirements of the water change, change the filter; if the replacement of the filter can not be resolved, only the replacement of the water pump or the handle for maintenance only.

(6) can not be turned on: 1. incorrect voltage causes can not work (host power cord socket will indicate the operating voltage range if 100-120V warranty wire will also be upgraded to 20A to prevent burning, 200-240V using 10A fuse); 2. open the leakage protection switch, turn on the key switch, turn on the emergency stop switch, the host in front of the indicator light up, if the screen is not lit, check the screen If the screen does not light up, check whether the screen is properly connected.

(7) Touch failure: the old screen is not a full screen, and there is a gap between the screen and the shell, if the shell is installed too tightly or there is debris in the gap will affect the touch; upgrading the new full screen will not have these problems.
6. About equipment installation and startup
(1) Installation of accessories: Before use, you need to correctly install the screen, handle, chain foot pedal, and other peripherals.
(2) equipment to add water: the funnel into the water port, the exhaust port is open or access to the exhaust pipe, and then try to lift the water (medical pure water or distilled water), add water to add to the exhaust port to have the water discharged can be.
(3) Access to the power supply: Plug in the power cord, and check whether the voltage is correct, after confirming that there is no error connected to the mains.
(4) Start running: Open the leakage protection switch, open the key switch, and open the emergency stop switch.
5) Power on and add water: continue the second step of adding water action until the water is full, remove the funnel, install the exhaust knob, or pull out the exhaust pipe, the two steps of adding water are completed.
(6) If you do not use the equipment for a long time or need to transport the equipment: turn off the power of the equipment, keep the exhaust port open or access to the exhaust pipe, access the funnel to the drain, place the funnel in a water container, the container position close to the ground, and so that the water is completely drained out of the equipment can be tilted to exhaust the remaining water, and after that, remove the funnel, exhaust knob is installed or unplugged from the exhaust pipe, and then remove the mainframe peripherals, remove the handle When removing the handle, as the handle may contain some water, the handle head will be high, use the wrench to push back the two CPC connector bumps at the handle quick-plug end, and wait for the water to drain cleanly; the equipment will be packed for transportation or storage.
7. On the use of equipment maintenance
(1) Change the water once a month, and replace the filter in 3-6 months.
(2) Use medical water or distilled water.
(3) Do not use the radio frequency class and other high-frequency and high-voltage instruments close together.
(4) Please keep the window piece in front of the handle head clean and free of dust, please do not aim at the mirror or high reflection class items light.
(5) The environment in which the equipment is used should be ventilated and dry, the room temperature should be 25 degrees, and it should be clean and dust-free.
6)After each use, please wipe the gel left on the top of the handle head clean, You can use alcohol to clean the window piece and metal part of the handle head, do not use alcohol to clean the plastic part of the handle.
8. Precautions on the use of the device
(1) Please stick the window piece of the handle vertically to the skin surface during the treatment, and try not to produce the angle.
(2) When using the device in the 10Hz mode, it is necessary to move it quickly and evenly.
(3) Do not observe the luminous area of the handle window piece during treatment.
(4) Shave the skin hair before treatment, do not remove the hair as a whole, just remove the hair on the skin surface, leaving the root for energy transmission.
(5) Appropriate gel can be applied before treatment.
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