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Weight Loss Treatment: Coolsculpting, Lipolysis, EMS MagiSculpt®, Velashape, Laser Fat Reduction

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Update time : 2024-06-19 16:37:47

Introduction to SEAHEART GROUP's Weight Loss Solutions

SEAHEART GROUP offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical weight loss treatments, including body shaping, cellulite reduction, fat reduction, and body slimming. Our innovative technologies, such as Coolsculpting, Lipolysis, EMS MagiSculpt®, Velashape, and Laser Fat Reduction, provide effective solutions for your patients' needs. Discover how our advanced equipment can help you achieve remarkable results in body contouring and fat removal.

Understanding Fat Cells

Fat cells, or adipocytes, are crucial in energy storage and metabolism. The number of fat cells is determined during childhood and adolescence and remains relatively constant in adulthood. These cells are predominantly located in the subcutaneous layer, richly supplied with blood vessels. Fat is also stored in other parts of the body, such as the liver and muscles, though in smaller quantities.

Fat Distribution in Men and Women

1. Men: Typically carry fat in the chest, abdomen, and buttocks, resulting in an "apple" shape.
2. Women: Tend to store fat in the breasts, hips, waist, and buttocks, creating a "pear" shape.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Cellulite Removal

Non-surgical cellulite removal offers numerous advantages, making it an attractive option for patients seeking body contouring without surgery.

1. Optional Focused Treatment: Allows selective treatment at multiple depths for better control and results, leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.

2. Effectiveness: Proven to be the most effective way for body shaping, slimming, and cellulite & fat reduction.

3. Safety: Treatments with body slimming machines are safe for all skin types (I-VI) and delicate areas of the face, neck, and décolleté.

4.No Downtime: Patients can resume their daily activities immediately, with no impact on their routine.

5. Comfortable: Gradual heating and an integrated cooling system ensure a painless experience.

How to Lose Weight Fast

There are various methods for rapid weight loss, including laser lipo, cryolipolysis, 3-in-1 infrared pressotherapy lymphatic drainage, radiofrequency skin tightening, cavitation, professional Velashape machine PL-VS3, and Portable PurenaSculpt® NEO Machine. However, cryolipolysis stands out as the most effective and fast treatment for body shaping, cellulite reduction, fat reduction, and body slimming.

What Happens to Treated Fat Cells?

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive treatment that targets and freezes fat cells, leading to up to 25% fat reduction in treated areas. The crystallized fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from the body.

Cryolipolysis Treatment Principle

Cryolipolysis employs a targeted cooling process to eliminate fat cells without harming healthy skin cells. This non-invasive procedure involves no knives, suction hoses, needles, or scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally expelled from the body.

Cryolipolysis Treatment Areas

Cryolipolysis is FDA-cleared for nine different areas, allowing for a customized treatment plan that addresses unique body contouring goals:

· Under the chin and below the jawline

· Flanks

· Abdomen

· Outer thighs

· Inner thighs

· Distal thigh

· Bra fat

· Upper arms

· Underneath buttocks

Cryolipolysis Treatment Solutions

SEAHEART GROUP provides a variety of cryolipolysis treatments to enhance body contouring, body shaping, body slimming, fat reduction, and cellulite reduction. Our offerings include vertical machines with five treatment handpieces and home devices with maximum efficacy.

1. 5 Handles Professional Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

2. 6 IN 1 Multifunction Slimming Machine

3. Professional 360-Degree Cryolipolysis Machine

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Treatment

Cryolipolysis fat freezing is a new, non-invasive method to reduce fat in targeted areas. It uses cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges, eliminating fat cells through a gradual process without harming surrounding tissues. This method regulates skin temperature to protect fine dermal structures, achieving fast body reshaping effects while tightening the skin.

MINI Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing with Vacuum

Our portable cryolipolysis fat-freezing device with a vacuum system is ideal for body slimming. The mini device's powerful vacuum system ensures effective fat reduction. Treatment recommendations vary based on the user's condition and treatment area.

1. Wide Areas: Such as the abdomen, small belly, and thighs are treated once every 2-3 weeks, with a total of four sessions.

2. Narrow Areas: The arms, are treated every 20-30 days, with additional treatments after three weeks.

The mini cryolipolysis device is lightweight and compact, making it suitable for use in different treatment rooms or offices.


SEAHEART GROUP's range of weight loss treatments, including Coolsculpting, Lipolysis, EMS MagiSculpt®, Velashape, and Laser Fat Reduction, provides effective and non-surgical solutions for body shaping, cellulite reduction, fat reduction, and body slimming. Our advanced technology ensures safety, comfort, and significant results, making it easier than ever for patients to achieve their body contouring goals.

For more information, visit SEAHEART GROUP and explore our extensive selection of high-quality aesthetic beauty equipment.

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