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High Quality A8 Derma Pen

Item No.: A6S
High Quality OEM Certification Service Mesotherapy A8 Derma Pen For Face Wrinkles Remove
Description Sepcifications
How To USE Derma PEN ?
(1) Soak about 5minutes with 75% alcohol, or use our uv sterilizerlamp for sterilization.
(2) Wash your face and put nutrion/cream on the skin.
(3) Make the absorption of whitening essence/hyaluronic during the treatment.
(4) Can be use face mask or led mask after microneedling treatment.

(1) Anti-Wrinkle : Reduces fine lines,reverses youth,and is suitable for fine lines.fine lines and loose sagging skin offace aging and photoaging.
(2) Membrane Repair : Regulates the process of membrane remodeling of damaged and Sensitiveskin, regulates the functional differentiation of skin tissue,and prevents Scar Hyperplasia.
(3) Foce Lift : Awakens skin regeneration reduces facial acing and photoaging aging finelines fine lines and looseaging skin, reversing youth Strongly enhances the facial skin and createsa beautiful cunve.
(4) Moisturizing and Hydrating : Containing plant high-active ingredient,lightlicorice, full-effect skin rejuvenating func-tional material. with safe and efficient orien-tation to replenish moisture and decompose pigment function.
(5) Stretch Marks :Contains bio-active wrinkle ingredients to actiwate the skin active repair mechanism, repair collagen.fibrin and connective tissue,and reduce stretch marks.
(6) Eliminate Acne : Recover acne, controlbaldness, home care,and effectively trans-port nutrients.

Does the dermapen hurt?

You may experience minor discomfort during the skin needling treatment but a numbing cream can be applied beforehand to reduce this. Depending on the aggressiveness of treatment, you may experience pinpoint bleeding during the treatment but not ongoing.

You may find temporary redness of the skin for a couple of hours or a day depending on the treatment type. This redness often heals up quickly, however, if you experience any prolonged discomfort its advised to get in touch with the surgery that undertook your treatment.

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Speed Level
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